Cow Brushes

Safe, Low Maintenance and Great for the Skin

Cow brushes take care of the itch and:Swinging Automatic Cow Brush

  • improve circulation and enhance metabolism
  • remove parasites and old hair
  • clean the cow’s back, breast and flanks.

Automatic brushes

Our range of automatic electric cow brushes are well made from galvanised steel with thick, polypropylene bristles.

They are easy to install, come with comprehensive operating instructions and require little maintenance.  The brush rotates automatically for 60-90 seconds when the cow pushes against it, then switches off until it is pushed again. The brush is stopped by a safety sensor if the cow’s tail gets caught.

Our automatic rotating cow brushes are eligible for the  Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme (CPSG).

Non-powered brushes

The standard cow brushes or cattle scratchers are a cheaper, robust  alternative which are easy to mount on a wall or fence.

Both powered and stationary brushes will help you comply with UK welfare and assurance schemes.

Free delivery to UK mainland for orders over £50.