Fans for Cow and Calf Barns

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This cow barn fan is a high output, direct drive circular blast fan, ideal for smaller or low roofed cow barns and milking parlours.  It will keep your animals cool, dry and comfortable and keep out the flies.

Simple to install and designed specifically to be safe and durable when used around livestock they have:

  • A 900mm diameter galvanised steel hub
  • 5 adjustable, fibre glass reinforced polyester blades
  • 2 electro-statically coated stainless steel safety covers
  • Fixings chains are included

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Cows begin to suffer from heat stress when the building temperature reaches 24°C and stress becomes severe at 32°C, not uncommon during a good summer in the UK.  Stress and humidity can reduce milk production and pregnancy rates in cows and lead to respiratory problems in calves.

These circular blast fans for cow and calf barns are usually suspended above the cows using chains attached to the barn beams.  The fans move a high volume of air for approximately 20 metres over the cows which  keeps them cool, increases evaporation and disperses the flies.

The fans particularly suit smaller or low-roofed buildings such as calf sheds, milking parlours and holding areas.  For larger or higher-roofed livestock barns we recommend HVLS ceiling fans – please give us a ring on 01327 300 395 to find out more.

Technical Data

  • 900mm diameter fan
  • Electric motor 0,55 KW, 930 RPM
  • 380V three phase electricity supply required
  • Shaft diameter 19mm with reinforced bearings
  • Absorbed current 1.2A
  • Airflow rate 22.250 m3/h
  • Galvanised steel hub and components
  • 5 adjustable high performance blades
  • 2 steel safety nets, with electrostatic coating epoxy polyester type
  • Installation fixings included


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You can download installation instructions for the fan here: Arienti Blast Fans.