Compact Animal Shelter

£235.00 +VAT £282.00 inc VAT

Originally designed to house individual dairy calves, these compact shelters are suitable for small numbers of goats and sheep, or for isolating and caring for sick animals.

They keep animals cool in summer and warm in winter, providing well-ventilated, draught free, low humidity shelter all year round.

Easy to clean and move, they require no planning permission and come with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

Price includes delivery to England, Wales and Southern Scotland.


The shelter is 5′ long x 3’8″ wide x 3’8″ high (1.52m x 1.18m x 1.18m).

It provides a healthy environment for your animals all year round:

  • Protects them from wind, rain and flies
  • Opaque material keeps them cool even in direct sunlight
  • Unique ventilation ridge provides moderate temperatures with low humidity and no draughts.

The shelter is made from thermo-formed polyethylene, which makes it strong and durable. It will not crack and can be power-washed regularly; many shelters are still in use after 25 years.

Farmers who are interested in hutches for calves, please phone us on 01327 300 395 or find more details at intershape.comThe price shown here includes VAT and delivery, but no fences or accessories. We deliver larger orders ourselves with a single delivery charge which will work out cheaper if you are buying more than one hutch with fences and accessories.