DEFRA Approved Disinfectant Zal Perax II

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Zal Perax 11 is a highly effective, general purpose disinfectant specially formulated for use in the agricultural and intensive livestock sectors.  It is:

  • DEFRA approved
  • Low environmental impact
  • Ideal for use with our disinfectant mats.

Dilution rates and usage instructions are shown on the Product Information Sheet.

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This general purpose, DEFRA approved disinfectant is ideal to use with our disinfectant mats for disinfecting boots and shoes.


Zal Petax 11 is a highly effective oxidising disinfectant based on peracetic acid, specially formulated for use in the agriculture and intensive livestock industries. It:

  • Is active against bacteria and viruses
  • Has low environmental impact
  • Contains a wetting agent which produces foam to improve surface contact and visibility during application
  • Is suitable for use in soft or hard water


Zal Perax II disinfectant is approved by DEFRA for:

  • Swine Vesicular Disease Orders
  • Diseases of Poultry Orders
  • Foot and Mouth Disease Orders
  • Tuberculosis and General Orders.

Applications include:

  • Boot dips
  • Animal housing
  • Dismantled equipment
  • Water distribution systems
  • Drinking water (birds in crop)
  • Fogging

For dilution rates and usage instructions please refer to the Product Information Sheet.

How to Use With Disinfectant Mats

You can download Disinfectant Mat General Instructions here.

Data Sheets

Zal Perax II Product Information Sheet

Zal Perax II Materials Handling Data Sheet