Disinfectant Mat 180cm x 90cm

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This disinfectant mat is an easy and effective way to disinfect boots and shoes at barn, yard, field or factory entrances, or to disinfect animals’ hooves.

  • No splashing and complete coverage
  • No leakage so environmentally friendly
  • Mobile, long lasting and easy to clean
  • Reduce risk from avian flu / bird flu, strangles and other diseases.

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This disinfectant mat will disinfect most types of footwear without splashing, as shown here:

How do the mats work?

The disinfectant mats have two parts:

  • A 4cm thick, high density foam pad in a tough non-slip cover, designed to withstand heavy loads.
  • A unique waterproof sleeve to hold in the liquid.

The pad holds 45-60 litres of disinfectant which is transferred evenly onto the boot or hoof and is easy to top up as necessary.

Our disinfection mats:

  • Use 75% less solution than a foot bath with no splashing and complete coverage
  • Are suitable for all disinfectants
  • Are completely mobile; use them on any flat surface
  • Are environmentally friendly; the sleeve prevents the disinfectant leaking into the surrounding area
  • Are easy to clean with a power-washer, unlike similar mats with sewn-in pads.

Who uses the mats?

The mats are used to protect dairies, fish farms, poultry sheds, food factories, horticulture units, vet practices, zoos, farm parks and at agricultural events and farm open days.

Currently being used to reduce the risks of bird flu / avian flu and strangles, we have been selling these mats for over 20 years; Dairy companies, the National Trust, major race courses, DEFRA and even a film set used them extensively during the foot and mouth crises in 2001 and 2007.

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  1. Real World Testimonials

    I’m in no doubt that mats have contributed to the overall biosecurity and helped to contain the [strangles] outbreak. The horses from the infected yard walk in and out over them. In addition the mats at the gate mean liveries, visitors, vets, farriers etc can be sure their tyres are disinfected on the way out. All this adds to the psychological aspect too and we are keen to be seen as managing this in ‘belt and braces’ fashion so people have confidence.

    I would recommend them for any biosecurity need, although it would good to work out how to make vehicle mats more robust.

    Melanie Siggs, Chelwood Equestrian

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How to Use Disinfectant Mats

You can download Disinfectant Mat General Instructions here.