Fastract Probiotic Performance Supplement

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A complementary feed to help and support good digestive performance which, in turn, can aid growth, health, performance and appetite.

Size: 5 kg bucket.

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Fastract Probiotic Performance Supplement improves the absorption of nutrients from dietary fibre which, in turn, can aid growth, health, performance and appetite.

A unique combination of specific strains of beneficial bacteria, yeast cultures and vitamins work together to improve diet digestibility and nutrient absorption.

Added vitamins encourage energy metabolism, red blood cell formation, improve skin and hair quality and support the immune system.

25gms/day is all your horse needs to:

  • Maintain healthy stomach & hind gut
  • Promote skin & coat condition
  • Balance and help digestibility
  • Maintain and help condition
  • Maximise uptake of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Size: 5 kg bucket.

1 review for Fastract Probiotic Performance Supplement

  1. Real World Testimonials

    With Fastract he is bright and well without being hyper. His recovery rate after work is excellent.
    He has kept condition through a busy season and eats up well. We just don’t need as much hard feed any more. Fastract has saved us a fortune.

    Philippa Nixon, International Event Rider

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