LED Barn Lights 150W High Bay

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These high quality, 150W LED lights are designed for use in agricultural buildings:

  • Instant, even, non-flickering natural colour light
  • 70% less power than standard lights with no maintenance
  • IP 65 rated
  • Water-proof, dust-proof, vibration and shock-proof
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Unlike budget versions, our lights are manufactured under strict quality controls and tested before dispatch.

For larger orders we are happy to provide lighting plans to optimise the performance of your lights, and will always provide advice if you need it. Just give us a call.

Order by 1pm for free, next working day delivery to England, Wales and Southern Scotland.

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These LED barn lights are specifically designed to work in an agricultural environment.  The 150W high bay light will replace a conventional 450W light

The lights have:

  • 5 year warranty
  • Over 50,000 maintenance-free burning hours (13 years at 12 hours a day)
  • IP 65 rating: waterproof, dustproof, vibration and shock proof
  • Efficient heat dissipation to keep temperature below 26°C
  • Flat surfaces to minimise dust
  • 120° beam angle
  • Quick and simple installation with safety chain

Benefits of LED lights

Compared with conventional lights, LED lights:

  • Produce even, high quality light, similar to natural light which is less stressful for livestock and easy to work in.
  • Use 70% less power
  • Last for at least 50, 000 hours without maintenance (that’s over 12 years at 12 hours a day).
  • Switch on and off instantly with no flickering
  • Do not attract flies as they emit no UV light

How many lights do I need?

The number of lights you need depends on several factors – in particular the height you are going to hang them, the light level you need and how even you want the light level to be.

A 150W LED light at 6m will light up a circle roughly 14.7m (48ft) in diameter. The light at the outside of the circle will be bright enough to read small printed text.

This light plan shows how 4 x 150W LED lights hung at 6m will give good working light in a 46.3m x 18.5m building.

We are happy to give you advice on the number of lights you will need for your particular requirements and can supply a plan showing the best way to install our lights when you buy them.

Enhanced Capital Allowance

These LED barn lights are eligible for the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme which allows businesses to write off 100% of the cost in the first year to help cash flow. Give us a ring if you’d like more details.

Technical Specification

Nominal Wattage150W
Traditional Lamp Replacement450W
Recommended Installation Height5.5 – 6 metres
Number of LED Chips210
Nominal Voltage100-240/277 VAC
Luminous FluxUp to 19,500lm
Power Factor / Driver Efficiency>.95 / >93%
Dimensions380 x 206mm
Colour Temperature5000K (daylight)

Dimmable Lights and Controllers

We also have dimmable 100W and 150W LED lights and simple controllers in stock. Please email or call us for details and prices.


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There are more specific details of these LED lights on our fact sheet here: LED-Product-Details

Find out more about claiming for your lights under the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme here: https://www.gov.uk/capital-allowances/first-year-allowances.  We can provide you with a certificate showing compliance.