Milking Parlour Pit Mats

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These interlocking EVA milking parlour pit mats are:

  • 1 m x 1 m x 25mm
  • Insulating and anti-fatigue
  • High grip when wet or dry
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Choice of colours
  • Price includes VAT

Use them in the milking parlour pit to provide a warm, safe, hygienic floor for parlour operators.

The 25mm EVA interlocking mats are also suitable for use in workshops, gyms or any other areas, wet or dry, which would benefit from a soft, insulated, high grip surface.



These milking parlour pit mats are 1m x 1m square and 25mm thick, made from high quality EVA foam.

They provide an insulated, high grip, easy-to-clean floor for your milking parlour to keep your operators safe and warm and reduce fatigue.

Clean the mats with a power-hose, they do not absorb liquid and resist working strength dairy chemicals.

The interlocking mats are easy to install and you can cut them to size with a sharp knife.  They come with a straight edge strip which locks onto one side of the mat to provide a neat finish.

Colours available:

  • Blue on one side, green on the other
  • Black on both sides

You can mix and match the colours in patterns or lay them as all one colour.

These interlocking 25mm thick EVA mats are also suitable for personnel use in gyms, workshops – any wet or dry areas which would benefit from a soft, insulated, high grip surface.

Milking parlour pit mats are NOT suitable for use by animals.

Our mats featured in Cow Management in an article explaining the importance of farmers looking after their own feet.

1 review for Milking Parlour Pit Mats

  1. Olly James

    Treated myself to these mats and I can feel the difference in my knees at the end of milking already. Easy to fit, quick delivery – would recommend

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