Rainproof Calf Feeder


This ad-lib calf feeder is ideal to use with groups of calves in outdoor hutches.

  • Protects feed from rain and bird contamination
  • Strong, durable and maintenance free
  • Easy to hook onto gates or pens
  • Choose from 25 kg or 60 kg feed capacity.

Free delivery to UK mainland.



This ad-lib rain proof calf feeder keeps feed fresh, reduces wastage and eliminates selective eating of coarse mix.

Made by Wydale in Somerset, the feeder features:

  • a close fitting hopper lid to keep the rain out
  • tough, durable and maintenance free polyethylene construction
  • translucent material allows a visual check of food levels
  • integral gate hook.

The feeder is available in two sizes:

  • Small which holds 25 kg of coarse mix or pellets
  • Large which holds 60 kg of coarse mix or pellets

Ideal to use with to our Multimax group hutches, the integral gate hooks make it quick and easy to attach and move up the fence as the calves grow.

Our customers tell us this model provides some protection from birds, but for full protection have a look at the Birdproof Calf Feeder.


Large Feeder (nominal capacity 60 kg)

  • Length 1350 mm
  • Height (excluding lid) 750 mm
  • Depth 450mm (bottom) 650 mm (top)
  • Weight 20 kg

Small Feeder (nominal capacity 25 kg)

  • Length 590 mm
  • Height (excluding lid) 565 mm
  • Depth 430 mm (top)
  • Weight 9 kg