Scratching Brush for Livestock


This versatile scratching brush helps cows, calves, goats, horses, pigs and alpacas safely enjoy a good scratch without damaging your property.

  • Mount it on a fence, post, corner or flat wall at any height
  • Improves skin health and circulation, removes old hair and parasites
  • Provides environmental enrichment, simulates social grooming and reduces stress
  • Brush measures 50cm x 22cm x 9cm with strong 5cm long bristles
  • Available with or without mounting kit.

Order by 1pm for next working day delivery to the UK mainland.  Free delivery on orders over £50.



This versatile scratching brush allows your animals to enjoy a good scratch without damaging themselves or your property.  The cleverly shaped mount attaches to both flat and curved surfaces, while a separately supplied bracket will attach it easily to fences or gates.

This brush is particularly suitable for smaller animals including calves, goats and pigs. It gives a good head and neck scratch to larger animals such as horses, cows and alpacas.

A scratching brush keeps your animals entertained, removes old hair and parasites and improves skin circulation.  It reduces stress, simulates social grooming and enriches the environment for animals who spend time alone.

See the brush in action

You can buy this brush by itself or with a mounting kit which contains:

  • A galvanised metal bracket with nuts and washers to attach the brush to a fence or gate
  • 2 x 60 mm wood screws to attach the brush to wooden surfaces or posts
  • 2 x 75 mm concrete screws to attach the brush to concrete surfaces

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