Swinging Cow Brush

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This vertical, swinging cow brush automatically rotates for 90 seconds when the cow pushes against it. The brushing action improves cow welfare by:

  • increasing circulation and metabolism
  • removing parasites and old hair to relieve itching

This cow brush is:

  • Robustly made from galvanised steel with thick polypropylene bristles
  • Very low maintenance with easily replaceable bristles
  • Easy to mount
  • Safe – a sensor switches the brush off if the tail gets caught
  • Shaped and free to move at all angles, scratching all over of the cow’s body
  • Suitable for use indoors by cows free to move around.

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Watch a video of cows using the brush here.

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The Happy Cow swinging cow brush is easy to assemble and comes with comprehensive operating instructions. It requires very little maintenance; lubricating pressure points and replacing worn bristles will extend its useful life. The control and display unit is clear and easy to use.

Technical Data


230 V, 50/60 Hz


0,55 kW


36 rpm


93 kg


H 198 x W 50 x D 135 cm

Protection class:

IP 55

Bristle material:

Polypropylene (PP)